Monday, October 17, 2011

(finally i get time to post) VERY BUSY DAY

baby nana was crying so hard that she floated away but as she was floating away she grabbed onto a floaty rode in the water and baby joe came in with a floaty too. they both rode to new york which they loved to be so far from san diego. soon they wanted to be home and stared to head into the ocean!!!!! in the ocean they went all the way back to san diego then went right to sleep when they got home.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Baby nana cryed so much she had to stay in the pool some times. Once the pool overflowed baby nana floted in the water so....

TO BE COTINUED..........

Monday, June 15, 2009

swiff with the wind

Once in a land, wait no, no, no, not another once!Ok here we go.Baby nana was having a hard time talking.Then she saw the door....... IT WAS OPEN!!!!!!!!:)So baby nana crawled to the door and went outside.There she saw a trash can.After crawling over and climbing up.............. SHE GOT CARRIED AWAY IN THE WIND.Right then baby joe came in the wind.Baby joe was soo happy to be in the wind.All of a sudden they landed........ on the roof of baby nana's house!!Soo both babies cimbed down from there into the window back home.
By: Ginger Ale